• 1-in-100 Live with Epilepsy

    Nine year old Emma Ryan is excited about completing Grade 3 and was looking forward to joining her first soccer team this spring. Today, those plans appear shattered. Last month, Emma suffered a seizure as her mom drove her to ballet class. Now, she’s among the one-in-100 diagnosed with epilepsy -- singled out to fight seizures that have serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences.

    March is epilepsy awareness month!

    Help give the one-in-100 who have been diagnosed with epilepsy a fighting chance at a normal life by donating to the Epilepsy Canada research grants program or by staging your own fundraising event.

    Click the Fundraise Now button. You’ll be connected to our fundraising website where you can easily set-up your own online event, customize the web page with your pictures and promote it using email and social media tools.

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